Professional ANS pickup system (violin/viola)

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First-class pickup system, which we use in slightly modified form for many years for all carbon hybrid instruments. These are now played professionally all over the world and are in daily use.

The ANS system is based on dynamic microphone technology, so it is not a classic piezo system. The intelligent design consistently avoids common problems such as crackling noises, feedback on the amplifier, disruptive sounds, etc. Furthermore, the pickup can be individually adjusted by turning it within the bridge - set it up as it sounds best for you!

If you want to use your violin acoustically, you can remove the pickup in seconds. It could not be simpler and safer!

Please note that we also offer a violin by David Lien with an already assembled system - on request, we also make the installation in any other violin.

"You hear nothing but the pure sound of your instrument"

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