Exclusive Violin Case Negricase DIPLOMAT 2 colors

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  • Blue
  • Green

The Diplomat violin case is made of a wooden structure protected by an elegant and resistant cognac brown Tuscany leather cover. The interior combines the same shade of leather with the highest quality olive green suede velvet micro fiber. It includes 3 compartments for accessories, large exterior zippered pocket for music sheets, special pocket for passport/tickets, rain protection flap, 4 “two- position” bow spinners, high security dual-mechanism lock, shoulder leather strap, an oversized leather handle and the most advanced protection system by suspension over 3 points. Weight: 2.85 Kg.

On request, also available with built in  GPS SYSTEM for all time location. 


  • 3/5-layer laminate wooden box.

  • Cover made of full grain cognac brown Tuscany leather.

  • Large exterior zippered pocket for music sheets.

  • Special pocket for passport/tickets.

  • Shoulder leather strap.

  • 24k gold-plated and corrosion-resistant metallic components.

  • Rain protection flap.

  • Welded thick D buckles.

  • High security dual-mechanism lock.

  • Oversized leather handle (for carrying the case with gloves).


  • Leather and the highest quality olive green suede velvet micro fiber interior.

  • 3-points Air Suspension System.

  • Adjustable leather straps to hold the violin neck.

  • 4 “two- position” bow spinners.

  • 3 compartments for accessories (with pencil holder).

  • Elegant 24k gold-plated metallic pulls.

  • Microfiber and silk protective bag and blanket.

  • Hygrometer.

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