Carbon Fiber Violin "Hybrid Line"...
Carbon Fiber Violin "Hybrid Line"...
Carbon Fiber Violin "Hybrid Line"...
Carbon Fiber Violin "Hybrid Line"...
Carbon Fiber Violin "Hybrid Line"...
Carbon Fiber Violin "Hybrid Line"...
Carbon Fiber Violin "Hybrid Line" German Musical Instruments Award
Carbon Fiber Violin "Hybrid Line" German Musical Instruments Award
Carbon Fiber Violin "Hybrid Line" German Musical Instruments Award
Carbon Fiber Violin "Hybrid Line" German Musical Instruments Award
Carbon Fiber Violin "Hybrid Line" German Musical Instruments Award
Carbon Fiber Violin "Hybrid Line" German Musical Instruments Award

Carbon Fiber Violin "Hybrid Line" German Musical Instruments Award

VAT included

the award-winning carbon fiber violin, with pickup system

number of strings
selection of finish/varnish


The no. 1 acoustic-electric violin!

Here it is: The award-winning, superb sounding carbon fiber violin, probably the best one in the world.

It is the result of a long term development process, the result of endless testing, experimenting and also the result of learning from mistakes. 

We have put all our effort into this instrumentand continue to do so every day.

This violin provides a new feeling, a freedom of playing, and a direct contact to your instrument which you have never experienced before. 

Response, balance, volume, brightness on the E string and rich warmth on the lower strings - these are only a few aspects of what you feel, hear, and bring over to the audience. 

We invite you to become a believer.

Carbon fiber will certainly play an important part in the future development of musical instruments; We have taken the step - come and join us! 

Don't care - just play!

Maintenance is simple: Just use a damp cloth for the daily cleaning, a mild detergent to remove grease and a standard car polish to remove scratches. No need to consult your luthier for every small damage of the surface! 

The built in ANS (=absolute natural sound) pickup system is based on dynamic microphone technology and proves its professional value every day, being used by artists all over the world. Just plug it in and start rocking the audience!

Here are the details:

  • carbon fiber body 100% handmade in Germany, in our workshop

  • Wittner fine tuning pegs

  • Wittner tailpiece (fine tuners on request, although not necessary)

  • Kevlar tailpiece loop

  • composite chinrest, TEKA model - other models available on request! 

  • groove on both sides for safe shoulder rest attachment

  • composite fingerboard, CITES free, feels like ebony, can be sanded like ebony, exchange possible (although not necessary)

  • bridge: Despiaux, possible upgrade: Milo Stamm Royal Quality bridge

  • strings: Pirastro Evah Pirazzi

  • soundpost: spruce, possible upgrade: Anima Nova carbon fiber soundpost 

  • available with 4 or 5 strings (+ low C string)

  • available in original black carbon fiber or with wood imitation finish (Orchestra Line)

  • ANS pickup system, passive, 6.25'' jack in the left rib

Check out or download our PDF brochure which provides a lot more informations! Also, feel free to contact us in Live Chat, we will be happy to answer any questions you might have. 

We are leading the way with thousands of musicians from all over the world already joining us. 

Questions? Wishes? Suggestions?

Get directly in touch with us:

1. via LiveChat: green button at the bottom right (LiveZilla)

2. via microphone / live video (optional, your camera can be switched off): orange button at the bottom left

We are happy to show you a live demo of an instrument of your choice during business hours: also orange button / bottom left

For any specific questions, do not hesitate to send us an email or contact us in LiveChat.  

Customers and visitors from outside the European Union please note: 

We will NOT charge VAT for deliveries and orders from outside the European Union. Depending on your browser configuration, you might be shown the price including VAT, although you are accessing our site from outside the EU. 

When you start an order and enter your address, VAT will be subtracted automatically. 

Price (0% VAT): 2.790 EUR

Price (19% VAT): 3.320,10 EUR

3 Reviews

Ich habe die 5saitige Hybrid Violine und bin restlos begeistert!
Kläre hohe Töne, dabei aber sehr sanft und trotzdem durchgreifend. Die tiefen Töne, insbesondere auf der C-Saite, sind warm und bauchig, "sehr fett untenrum". Genau richtig für Klassik und Rock, Bühne und Wohnzimmer...
Das Hybridsystem ist einfach zu handhaben, mit entsprechenden Preamp. Die Übertragung ist super, toller Klang!
Meine akustische Geige muss nun leider weichen...

akustisch und elektrisch 1a
Ich habe wirklich schon einiges an Geigen ausprobiert, und es gibt wohl kaum einen Tonabnehmer, den ich noch nicht montiert hatte. Eine solche Kombi von akustischem und elektrischem Klang aber habe ich noch nicht erlebt.

Ok, das System ist passiv und wenn man direkt ins Mischpult will muss ein Preamp davor, ansonsten ist der Ton dünn und metallisch. Das ist aber bei allen passiven Systemen so und kein Abstrich an der Qualität. Mit Preamp finde ich den ANS einfach nur großartig. Direkt in den Amp geht es auch ohne, mit gleichem Sound.

Akustisch ist die Geige eine Offenbarung, wenn auch in der Klangfarbe ein wenig anders als die Holzgeigen, die ich bisher gespielt habe. Das ist aber keine Frage der Gewöhnung, sondern der Akzeptanz. Für Barock wie Bach und Vivaldi nehme ich lieber meine Mittenwalder, aber schon der Mozart scheint mir auf der Carbongeige feiner, nuancierter zu klingen. Ich spiele auch gerne mal eine Beethoven-Sonate oder den Franck, und dafür bevorzuge ich ganz klar die Carbongeige. In der Qualität und im Setup gibt es überhaupt nichts zu meckern. Steg, Obersattel, Saitenüberstand, alles einwandfrei. Ich mag die E-Saite lieber etwas tiefer, das habe ich von meinem Geigenbauer erledigen lassen. Er hat ein wenig sparsam geschaut, war dann aber einverstanden.... Die Hybrid Geige ist eine klare Empfehlung von einem, der schon viel gespielt und gesehen hat.

best quality and smooth delivery
i play alternative styles as bluegrass, irish fiddling, and sometimes some pop songs. love this pickup system, as its so easy and save to use. also play in a band and my fellows start complaining when i show up with my old wooden fiddle.. haha. they only want the new carbon.. o.k. thanks to you guys you have been very helpful as I have been chatting with Joerg on the website before finalizing the order. Joerg you know obviously what you are talking about. cheers and all the best from Oliver

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