Carbon Fiber Violin "Design Line" German Musical Instruments Award 2015

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the award-winning carbon fiber violin

number of strings
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Here it is: The award-winning, superb sounding carbon fiber violin, probably the best one in the world.

It is the result of a long term development process, the result of endless testing, experimenting and also the result of learning from mistakes. 

We have put all our effort into this instrumentand continue to do so every day.

This violin provides a new feeling, a freedom of playing, and a direct contact to your instrument which you have never experienced before. 

Response, balance, volume, brightness on the E string and rich warmth on the lower strings - these are only a few aspects of what you feel, hear, and bring over to the audience. 

We invite you to become a believer.

Carbon fiber will certainly play an important part in the future development of musical instruments; We have taken the step - come and join us! 

Don't care - just play!

Maintenance is simple: Just use a damp cloth for the daily cleaning, a mild detergent to remove grease and a standard car polish to remove scratches. No need to consult your luthier for every small damage of the surface! 

Here are the details:

  • carbon fiber body 100% handmade in Germany, in our workshop

  • Wittner fine tuning pegs

  • Wittner tailpiece (fine tuners on request, although not necessary)

  • Kevlar tailpiece loop

  • composite chinrest, TEKA model - other models available on request! 

  • groove on both sides for safe shoulder rest attachment

  • composite fingerboard, CITES free, feels like ebony, can be sanded like ebony, exchange possible (although not necessary)

  • bridge: Despiaux, possible upgrade: Milo Stamm Royal Quality bridge

  • strings: Pirastro Evah Pirazzi

  • soundpost: spruce, possible upgrade: Anima Nova carbon fiber soundpost 

  • available with 4 or 5 strings (+ low C string)

  • available in original black carbon fiber or with wood imitation finish (Orchestra Line)

Check out or download our PDF brochure which provides a lot more informations! Also, feel free to contact us in Live Chat, we will be happy to answer any questions you might have. 

We are leading the way with thousands of musicians from all over the world already joining us. 

Questions? Wishes? Suggestions?

Get directly in touch with us:

1. via LiveChat: green button at the bottom right (LiveZilla)

2. via microphone / live video (optional, your camera can be switched off): orange button at the bottom left

We are happy to show you a live demo of an instrument of your choice during business hours: also orange button / bottom left


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6 Reviews

Incredible good instrument.
I bought this violin quite recently, but from the very beginning it was obvious that this instrument can compete on equal terms with wooden instruments, and in many ways even surpasses them. This instrument is absolutely insensitive to weather conditions (such as heat, cold or humidity), which makes it indispensable for open-air concerts. The sound is powerful, but not "boorish". As a lover of carbon fiber, I was amazed at how advanced modern technology has made it possible to make an instrument like a violin out of this material. I would also like to say a few words about the tuners. It's just incredible. When I bought this violin, I did not read about the fact that it has innovative fine tuning pegs from Wittner. When, having received the violin (which happened the day after the violin was sent), at first I thought that the tuning peg was broken: I used to turn it, but only its flat side turned. Only after a few seconds it dawned on me that there is a gear system inside the peg, which allows tuning the violin without the help of the Fine tuners on the tailpiece (which has a positive effect on the sound quality). I am one hundred percent satisfied with the choice I made. It is simply an excellent instrument that I highly recommend to any professional violinist. Many thanks to the creators of this violin!

Hervorragender Klang
Ich habe mir die Carbonvioline zum Probespiel bestellt und wollte sie schon vom ersten Moment an nicht mehr hergeben. Die schnelle und leichte Ansprache, der brillante und trotzdem warme Klang dieses Instruments sind faszinierend! Auch in den hohen und höchsten Lagen lässt sie sich problemlos spielen mit einem tollen Klangvolumen. Ich bin begeistert!

vor Ort probiert und gekauft
Bei mezzo-forte die Carbon Geigen ausprobiert. Sehr gute Beratung, habe ich selten erlebt. Ich wurde auch nicht gedrängt sondern mor wurde geraten nochmal drüber zu schlafen. Vor Aufregung konnte ich aber kaum schlafen, und am nächsten Tag habe ich die Geige gekauft. Geigenlehrerin findet sie auch klasse.

Karbon hat mich überzeugt
Spielt sich leicht und sehr angenehm, in ganz neues Spielgefühl gegenüber meiner Holzgeige. Ich bin eher traditionell, aber die Carbongeige macht mir total Spaß. Helga

just in time for Xmas
Ordered this on Black Friday and it arrived to the US just before Christmas. Parcel heavily damaged but violin in 100% condition. Even stayed in tune! Wow this is a sound! Thanks to you guys from mezzo-forte for making such excellent instruments.

so surprising
i bought this carbon violin over a year ago and my issue im now having is finding a wooden one that can play anywhere NEAR as well as the mezzo does. sure the sound is different, but the response and dynamics are off the charts. i reach for my cheap $1500-2000 wood ones every once in a while to get that sound, but end up putting them down after 15 to 30 min because i cant stand the lack of response and dynamics. maybe one day i can drop 20k on a wood violin, but at this point im wondering if any wood ones can play as well as the mezzo. my wooden fiddles feel broken after playing the carbon for so long. and its super easy to tell the two fiddles apart in this vid. i think some people have the two mix up from reading the comments?? i will say it is harder to play up past 5th pos on the estring as the response makes it feel very fragile. thats its only downside in my opinion. keep it up mezzo! and thanks for getting me a violin i can afford that is super fun to play. id kill for a wood one that worked anywhere near as well for a similar price! aint happening though

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