The basic prices for violin, viola and cello (DesignLine) will be significantly increased on 01.01.20. The price for the violin EvoLine is slightly increased. The surcharges for individual configurations (Hybrid, 5Strings, Orchestra Line) remain constant.

As an overview here are the basic prices of our main competitors, as well as our old and new prices (all without VAT, for better comparability):

1. violin

Luis & Clark (USA) from 4,990 EUR

Ricci Carbon (Austria) from 6.240 EUR

Carbon Klang (Ger) from 5.700 EUR

mezzo-forte (previously): 2.000 EUR

mezzo-forte (from 01.01.20): 2.400 EUR

2. viola

Luis & Clark: from about 5,260 EUR

Ricci Carbon: from 6,606 EUR

mezzo-forte (previously): 2.084 EUR

mezzo-forte (from 01.01.20): 2.500 EUR

3. cello

Luis & Clark: from about 6.431 EUR

Ricci Carbon: prototypes from 7.500 EUR, standard instruments from 12.500 EUR

Carbon Klang: from about 10.420 EUR

mezzo-forte (previously): 3.773 EUR

mezzo-forte (from 01.01.20): 4.200 EUR

Orders for the previous conditions will be accepted until 31.12. 24:00, after which the new prices apply irrevocably.