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Carbon Fiber – a material which is commonly used in the automobile and aviation industry. This futuristic material is, however, ideally suited to the making of musical instruments. Carbon Fiber bows have already established themselves in the market and are appreciated by the bowed instrument community especially because of their good tension and excellent playing features when compared to a comparably priced wooden bow.

Why make them ? 

For several reasons: Playing them is pure fun, they make music become easy,  they are stable, durable, reliable. Always, under all conditions.                     


Violin making is a traditional artisanry. In fact, neither the materials used nor the process of production has changed in any way during the last 300 years – apart from the development of new strings. The well established Guarneri and Stradivari models have been copied and imitated again and again, the objective being to get as close as possible to the “original sound”, which is generally accepted as the ideal violin or cello sound.

But is this really true? Is there only one “original” sound? Or are bowed instruments good for more than just classical music? Are they not excellent for experimenting with new kinds of sound? And last but not least: Must one differentiate between acoustic and traditional wooden violins and advanced electric violins?         


Those who have a closer look at our Carbon Fiber instruments will find all the important components used in violin making; bridge, soundpost, fingerboard, tailpiece, chinrest and endpin.

Decorations such as corners and scrolls will, however, not be found. This might seem unusual at first sight.

The curved design is part of our design concept:

Developing instruments for the 21st Century.

All measurements used in traditional violin making have been transferred in order to help the player feel immediately familiar with the instrument. Therefore switching between wood and Carbon Fiber has never been a problem.


“Oops, a rain drop!”

This is constantly a cause of alarm in order to save a wooden instrument resulting in the player leaving the stage.

A cello on an aeroplane? No problem. You just have to pay a large amount for an extra seat. Our Carbon Fiber Cello can go in the hold.

A concert in a country with difficult climatic conditions? Can cause great concern. Are all the parts still held together?

Even if the last example seems dramatic these concerns will not be relevant with a Carbon Fiber instrument.

From –20 to +50 °C, from 0 to 100% humidity, you can always rely on your Carbon Fiber instrument


Whoever plays a Carbon Fiber violin or cello for the first time – the reaction is always one of surprise.”I don`t believe that!” – the standard phrase which we hear again and again at shows, musical exhibitions and in our store. People do not believe that a material other than wood can sound so good.It provides warmth, brilliance and projection and a response which helps you play in the upper positions with ease. It is pure fun – and people do not want to stop playing.

We invite you to become a believer.

HYBRID INSTRUMENTS – the all round solution

For classical and folk music you will need an acoustic instrument. For rock, pop and jazz an electric instrument – this is the old fashioned way. We have combined the two; providing an excellent sound with or without amplification.

Plug in the cable and the audience can rock. Unplug it and you`re ready for some chamber music.


Some musicians find the black Carbon Fiber uninteresting. We respect all points of view and thus offer the instruments in 256 RAL colours. Alternatively, for those who do not want to stand out with their Carbon Fiber instrument we have created the “Orchestra Line”, a unique air-brush finish resembling real wood. Left- handed versions of our instruments are avaliable.

Maybe you are a cellist and want to make life easier for yourself when playing Bachs 6th cello suite?

Have a look at our 5 string high E Cello – also available with low F.

There are 5 string versions of all our instruments. Just ask. We will do anything that is possible.

mezzo-forte Handarbeit


We do not sell Carbon Fiber instruments “made in China” – and we never will. From the beginning to the end all instruments are made in our workshop and we set a high value on quality which deserves the label “made in Germany”.

Every instrument thus comes with a certificate of authenticity and an unlimited 5 year warranty.

With respect to our quality, we feel very honored to have received the German Musical Instruments Award in 2015, for the "Design Line" Carbon Fiber violin. 

This prize is a mile stone in our company history, and we understand it as an obligation to continue on our way.

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