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Carbon fiber stringed Instruments and Bows are ALL available for World Wide Shipment.


Carbon Fiber – a excellent material for making stringed bowed instruments

Feeling the power, the ease of playing, the concentration on the music itself! Its a great experience to play a carbon fiber instrument for the first time! And from then, you will not want to use another one. 

Why make them ? 

Because playing them is pure fun, they make music become easy,  they are stable, durable, reliable. Always, under all conditions. A companion for lifetime.                     

Carbon Fiber Cello EvoLine


Just play your carbon fiber violin/viola/cello the same way you played your classical instrument before. There will be no habituation period, you will feel at home from the first note. 

The curved design is part of our design concept:

Developing instruments for the 21st Century.

All measurements used in traditional violin making have been transferred in order to help the player feel immediately familiar with the instrument. Therefore switching between wood and Carbon Fiber has never been a problem.


Whoever plays a Carbon Fiber violin or cello for the first time – the reaction is always one of surprise.”I don`t believe that!"

People do not believe that a material other than wood can sound so good.It provides warmth, brilliance and projection and a response which helps you play in the upper positions with ease. It is pure fun – and people do not want to stop playing.

We invite you to become a believer also.

HYBRID INSTRUMENTS – rock your audience!

For classical and folk music you will need an acoustic instrument. For rock, pop and jazz an electric instrument – this is the old fashioned way. We have combined the two; providing an excellent sound with or without amplification.

Plug in the cable and the audience can rock. Unplug it and you`re ready for some chamber music.

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