Carbon Fiber Violin Premium Line

Premium Line Violin


With the Carbon Fiber Violin "Design Line", we have already established a very high quality standard. However, from time to time there are instruments which even exceed our high expectations. 

One of these instruments was honored with the German Musical Instruments Award in 2015, beating off 22 wooden masterpieces in this competition. 

Please watch this video for a direct comparison of the award winning instrument with an original Stradivari violin:

We have decided to establish a special quality label for these outstanding instruments, and to refine them in many details. 

Outstanding sound quality, paired with perfect craftmanship: This is the new Premium Line. 

Only 3-5% out of all instruments comply with the requirements for this model, and all those instruments have to pass a multi-step audiometric test in order to check volume, overtones and sound balance. Furthermore, they are thoroughly checked by at least two professional violinists finally who both have to confirm the qualification.

Definitely, no more than 10 of these instruments will be released each year

These are the details:

  • Wittner Fine Tuning Pegs with Swarowski Crystals
  • master bridge "Milo Stamm" royal quality
  • strings Evah Pirazzi Gold or buyers choice
  • including "Anima Nova" carbon fiber soundpost, which always fits perfectly, and allows adjustment of tension within the instrument, including adjustment tools
  • including shoulder pad "Acousta Grip Solo Artist"

A certificate of authenticity is included. Each instrument can be individually identified by its number, which is not removable. 

For the Premium Line violin, no upgrades regarding number of strings or varnish are available. A Hybrid upgrade is available on request. 

There will be no compromise in quality and sound, therefore availability might vary. For any questions on these outstanding instrument please contact us. 

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